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[S9E22] The One With The Donor ##VERIFIED##

The One With The DonorSeason 9, episode 22216th overall episode of FriendsAfter deciding not to have a donor, Monica and Chandler decide to adopt.Episode InformationAir dateMay 8, 2003Written byAndrew Reich & Ted CohenDirected byBen WeissEpisode GuidePreviousThe One With The Fertility TestNextThe One In Barbados, Part 1

[S9E22] The One With The Donor

Gynecologist, Dr. Connelly, talks to Monica and Chandler after their fertility tests, which has shown both of them to be infertile (Monica's uterus is an inhospitable environment and Chandler's sperm have low motility), which upsets both of them greatly. Except natural conception, which may still work for them despite their small chances, he suggests a few other solutions, including a sperm donor. Chandler brings a work colleague, Zack, home and introduces him to Monica as a prospective sperm donor. At first, Monica thinks that Chandler is being ridiculous and refuses to be a part of it, until Zack requests a coaster for his beer, which instantly changes her mind. However, the couple make Zack feel very uncomfortable and soon scare Zack away by asking him continuous health-related questions about him and his relatives. However, even though he is medically perfect, Monica refuses him as a sperm donor, explaining to Chandler how she will not have any other man to be the father if Chandler cannot get her pregnant. The couple decide to adopt.

Joey's girlfriend Charlie is an insecure shopper, so Joey volunteers Rachel to help, what with her being a fashion expert. At this point, Rachel is experiencing secret amorous feelings towards Joey, and is becoming more and more jealous of Charlie. Dreading being alone with her, she asks Phoebe to come along. Phoebe agrees, as she wants to buy an outfit in order to impress Mike and prove that she is over him at a party his sister is having. However, Phoebe notices how cold Rachel is towards Charlie, which leads to Rachel admitting to Phoebe how she has a crush on Joey in the changing rooms. Unfortunately for Rachel, Charlie overhears everything. Luckily for her, it seems that Charlie thinks that it is Phoebe who likes Joey.

Phoebe dresses up for the party, briefly stopping at Central Perk to hear Joey tell her how she looks "stop-eating hot; the highest level of hotness", but on her way to the party she meets David at a newspaper stand. David explains to her how he is back from Minsk for good as his reason for going out there in the first place, to achieve positronic distillation of subatomic particles, is impossible. Thrilled, Phoebe is diverted from the party and she goes out with David instead.

Zack, as well as his sister, are the Vice Presidents of a company that designs the Cheesecake Factory's menus (as well as other restaurant's menus) which is owned by his father and which is how he met Penny. In "The Lunar Excitation" (S03E23), he goes on a date with Penny who, allegedly due to having dated Leonard, finds his stupidity insufferable and winds up having a drunken sexual encounter with Leonard on the same night.

Zack makes a second appearance in "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis" (S04E10). He briefly meets Amy Farrah Fowler, who instantly feels sexually attracted towards him. She later approaches him at a bar hoping for sexual intercourse with him, but his stupidity becomes too much of a turnoff for her to go through with it. When they shake hands, Amy whimpers, saying that "should hold [her] over" for a while. Then, Amy says "Hoo".

Penny gets back together with Zack again in "The Justice League Recombination" (S04E11), later admitting to Leonard that she only did so in order not to be alone on New Year's Eve. In this episode Zack attempts to befriend Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard. He dresses up as Superman for Stuart's New Year's Eve party, helping them complete their Justice League theme and win the contest for best group costume. He and Penny apparently broke up again sometime afterwards.

Zack appears again in "The Toast Derivation" (S04E17), having been invited to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment by Sheldon. This gathering is Sheldon's attempt to establish a new social group, along with Kripke, Stuart, and hopefully LeVar Burton, after Sheldon got angry because he was not the center of his previous social group. At the social event, Zack impresses Stuart and Kripke with his tale of a naked woman in a hot tub, and later the three end up singing karaoke, much to Sheldon's dismay.

In "The Cooper Extraction" (S07E11), Leonard makes up a story about what if Penny would have ended up with Zack. Leonard imagines that Zack would use the money for rent to buy magic beans, and then Zack and Penny would both pee their pants.

In "The Cognition Regeneration" (S10E22), Zack offered Penny a job, which makes Leonard less than thrilled because of the fact that it would be weird for exes to work together. Zack also announces that he has gotten engaged and that his fiancée doesn't want him working with Penny, so no job.

In "The Bitcoin Entanglement" (S11E09), Leonard and Penny visit him to reclaim Leonard's old laptop that Penny had given him years ago. Zack also shows them an old video of a drunk Penny made after she broke up with Leonard seven years before. She did love him, but was scared of a permanent commitment. Upon learning of the truth behind the breakup, Leonard begins to hate Zack less.

In "The Propagation Proposition" (S12E12), he meets the girls at a bar and buys them expensive champagne. He reveals he has sold his company (which he presumably inherited from his father) and has retired. He tells that he then got married and purchased a boat. He invited Leonard and Penny to join him and his wife on the boat. There he introduces his wife Marissa and the two surprise Leonard and Penny by explaining that Zack has discovered he is infertile. They wish to have a child and ask Leonard if he would consider being a sperm donor for them in exchange for a lot of money. After some disagreement, Leonard and Penny mutually decide to donate to them. The Hofstadters changed their minds in "The Donation Oscillation".

Zack made his last appearance in "The Donation Oscillation" only in the scene before the intro where he and Marissa visit Leonard and Penny in their apartment. After Leonard tells Zack that he can't go through with the donation, he then suggests that Sheldon do it but Amy angrily says no when they ask him.

The series finale will guest star Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, Joan Cusack, Ed Begley Jr. and Malcolm Barrett. The episode will feature the return of several of the series' actors and actresses, including former series writers and stars B. J. Novak and Mindy Kaling, as well as Andy Buckley, Bobby Rae Shafer, Michael Schur, and Matt Jones. Early during production for the season, Kinsey and Wilson also noted that the cast and crew were hoping for a return of former lead actor Steve Carell as Michael Scott. In mid-December, Krasinski later revealed that he was optimistic about a return; in an interview with E! Online Krasinski said that the producers were supposedly "still trying to figure out [Carell's] schedule" and that the finale "just wouldn't be the same without him". However, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt later admitted during an interview that while he is "hopeful", he does not think Carell will return; he noted that Carell was satisfied with his character's exit and did not want to tarnish it. On January 16, Daniels revealed that Carell would not appear in the finale in any capacity, a decision that Carell later reiterated. Three months later, however, the producers for The Office mounted "an 11th hour effort last month" to get Carell to make a cameo in the show's final episode, according to TVLine. According to the article, "while no one is confirming that the final diplomatic push proved successful, no one is denying it either." Carell's personal representative confirmed that Carell was on the set for the final episode, but that he did not film any scenes. However, an anonymous source close to the show cryptically said "don't rule anything out". TVLine later reported on May 6, that Carell would appear in a cameo, although NBC declined to comment and Carell's representatives continued to deny the reports.

In the morgue, Doc Robbins autopsies Darla and finds out that she's now his fourth inexplicable death in one month. He shares his frustrations with Langston and tells the CSI about the first three men who died, noting that unusual body modification is the only thing the three men have in common. Two of the victims have tattoos, while Brent had ear gauges and transdermal implants in his back, where a steel or silicone bead is implanted. Langston figures that this procedure is rare and sets out to find the tattoo parlor that performs such a procedure.

Back at the morgue, Doc Robbins is still at a loss for finding the pathogen that killed the four people, as the virology report from the tattoo parlor came back negative. He and Langston go over the cases again, starting with Darla's. She gave her dying son CPR, complained of a sore throat and fever three days later, and attacked Catherine three days after that and dropped dead. Since the blood cells were unaffected, the conclusion is that the virus is in the tissue. A look at Darla's brain reveals that she had rabies. Since a symptom of rabies is hydrophobia, they wonder if the thunderstorm triggered Darla's aggressive behavior. They also note that rabies is carried in the saliva and that Darla had a cold sore. Doc Robbins recalls that Catherine was bitten by Darla, and Langston rushes to his supervisor's office to get her to the hospital. After reassuring her the incubation period is 72 hours, he ushers her out the door to go for treatment.

Greg follows a blood trail that shows signs of the victim being dragged. The trail ends at a nearby house, where he finds a button on the ground. He and Det. Vartann talk to the house's two female residents, Diana and Rhonda, who recognize the woman as Kayla Nootens. The women explain that the three of them got together for their diet club meeting, with their end goal to enter a bikini contest. When asked who would want to hurt Kayla, both ladies point the finger at her ex-boyfriend, Elvis Rodriguez, who dumped her after she gained weight. 041b061a72

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