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Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips

<img Width "220" Height "145" Src "https: Worl... ((NEW))

Now you can just set your div size to whatever you want and not only will the image keep its aspect ratio it will also be centralized both vertically and horizontally within the div. Just don't forget to set the sizes on the css since divs don't have the width/height attribute on the tag itself.

<img width "220" height "145" src "https: worl...

Firefox 71+ (2019-12-03) and Chrome 79+ (2019-12-10) support internal mapping of the width and height HTML attributes of the IMG element to the new aspect-ratio CSS property (the property itself is not yet available for direct use).

The solution by setec is fine for "Shrink to Fit" in auto mode. But, to optimally EXPAND to fit in 'auto' mode, you need to first put the received image into a temp id, Check if it can be expanded in height or in width (depending upon its aspect ration v/s the aspect ratio of your display block),

img max-width: 80px; /* Also works with percentage value like 100% */ height: auto;This image is originally 400x400 pixels, but should get resized by the CSS:Let's say the author of the HTML deliberately wants the height to be half the value of the width, this CSS will ignore the HTML author's wishes, which may or may not be what you want:

To achieve real responsiveness, you need to start thinking beyond absolute or fixed length units. Moving to relative units to express length and using vh and vw style settings lets you control the widths and heights of elements no matter the viewport size. 041b061a72

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