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Windows 7 Pro Oa X15 53895 Download !EXCLUSIVE!

You will need to download the ISO file for your version of Windows. For this instructable, we will be reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium.Thislink is to a page with the Digital River downloads which is a licensed distributor of Microsoft software. The downloads are each over 3GB so a memory card of at least 4GB will be required.**Please note that your product key will only work with your edition of Windows so ensure you download the right version of Windows!

windows 7 pro oa x15 53895 download

The ISO file that was downloaded in Step 3 is a disc image. In order to use this ISO file; it must be mounted to a virtual drive on your PC. As shown in the picture above, mounted in virtual Drive (F:) If you are unsure how to do this; try this helpful article on Mounting an ISO. Once the ISO is mounted, copy all the files to the memory card.

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