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Mateba Model 6 Unica Buy

Early models of the Unica 6 Autorevolver did not include a mounting point at the front of the frame forward of the trigger guard, and instead had a simple bevel.Late model Unica 6's and Grifones are sometimes seen with mismatched parts, e.g. blued cylinders on a nickel frame or grifone stamped upper receivers on unica 6 lowers, this was due to Italian bankruptcy laws requiring the company to continue operations after declaring insolvency without manufacturing any new inventory, while liquidating all existing inventory and assets.[3] After this receivership period, all remaining stock leftover including parts was sold to CDNN Investments in Abilene, Texas and liquidated at discount rates.[4]

mateba model 6 unica buy

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so, to do justice to that here's my take on the Mateba 6 Unica modeled after the .454 casull version with the 8" barrel. this model is a dummy mockup with no mechanical bits aimed only for a display piece.

Unica 6 shares its damage model with the other two .357 Magnum revolvers, the MP412 REX and SW40, dealing a staggering 56 damage up to 15 meters, allowing it to kill with one headshot. However, it quickly drops off to only 28 damage at 37 meters, where it will take four shots to kill a target. As a result, the Unica, like the other two .357 revolvers, is most effective at short to medium ranges where its damage is highest. 041b061a72

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